Inbound Contact Center ServicesInbound Contact Center Services

CMX Solutions

We provide inbound contact center services via phone, chat and e-mail in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Turkish, Albanian, Russian and different Eastern-European languages.

Our Customer Service advisers are highly qualified, highly motivated and always up-to-date trained. The majority of our personnel has a university degree, speaks fluently at least three languages and has acquired a certain level of professional experience in call center environment.

The portfolio of the inbound contact center services include the classical inbound call center services tailored-made for your business, as well management of inbound e-mail contacts, chats and social media.

With developing the soft-skills of our employees and constantly working on continuous improvement we manage to achieve:

• optimized average handling times

• first contact resolution

• high satisfaction level

We ensure customer-oriented customer service focused on delivering results and growing the business, either through repeated business of the existing customers or through recommendations and up-selling.


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