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CMX Solutions

CMX Solutions GmbH (Headquarters), Berlin

Germany, Rosenstrasse 2, Berlin

The company in Berlin operates as the administrative and strategic center for the operations of CMX Solutions. It defines the strategies and operations and ensures full compliance of the operations with the requirements of the companies operating within the EU.

CMX Solutions Dooel, Skopje

Macedonia, Dame Gruev 18-2/1-1 Skopje

Skopje site of CMX Solutions was established in February 2015. At the moment it employs 120+ employees and is equiped with 100+ workstations. It provides 24/7 service for our clients in German, English, French, Italian, Dutch and it is ready to offer services also in Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Albanian and different Eastern-European languages.

CMX Solutions LLC, Tbilisi

Georgia, Al. Kazbegi ave.#24b, Tbilisi, Georgia

The site in Tbilisi has been founded in May 2016 and already employs 110+ employees and it is equiped with 100+ workstations. From this site CMX Solutions provides services mainly in German language, but also available is the Russian language.